Why You Are Not Getting Stronger In Clash Royale

Getting stronger in the game Clash Royale means you are maxing out the level of your card, acquiring new cards as you reach new arena, achieving rewards during the end of the season, buying legendary and other cards in the store, upgrading other cards that you can use for a new set of deck. Those what it means to be stronger in the game. Well many are not be able to achieve those results in the game because of different factors.

The number reason I can ever think of is that they are not really serious with the game. Yes they play once or twice a week, and that’s it! definitely you will not become a better player that wanted to be. To excel on this game, you really need to be addicted to the game, memorize all the card descriptions, how to defend to each card, and how to counter attack. By constantly playing the game you will be able to encounter a lot of these and you will surely know how to act on the next time you will be facing the similar deck or card.

The second reason would be – the deck or card of your choice. This is also one my mistakes during my early days playing the game. You need to come up with a battle deck that you will max out as fast as you could. Leveling up other cards that is not part of your original deck is not good because other players will be 1 or 2 level ahead of your deck because you are leveling a bunch of cards at the same time. Although there’s a solution to this, but it is not for everyone and that’s purchasing a bunch of gems which are of course expensive for others but for those people that money is not a problem. They’ll definitely beat you on this kind of game.

Purchasing gem and gold using real cash will give you an upperhand because you will be able to upgrade your cards, as long as you required the number of cards needed for the next level. Gems and gold can really help to reach the max level of card as all cards are randomly revealed in the shop, and if you have gold/gem you can simply buy multiple pieces of these and there you can level up your card. That’s the reason why there are many low level King users, but have max out cards on their deck. They are spending tons of money buying gems and gold, but thanks to this YouTube channel that I have found where they give free gems, thus you will be able to acquired the necessary amount that you need everyday as long as this site is working.

Another pro tip that I can give is be active on your clan, donate and complete clan chest to get awesome rewards. Same with daily quests and the newly introduced quests system where you can get a random prize chest and there’s a required number of quests points before you can open it. I was able to get magical and super magical chest from these, and again if you are an active user you can open a bunch of these in no time.