How Hardcore Gamers Earn Money

Did you know that majority of hardcore gamers also earn money from the games that they are playing? yes that’s true and that is really happening in real world. There’s a saying that following your passion, money will follow and I’m one of the believers of that saying.

Try to imagine how YouTubers keep on posting daily videos of themselves while gaming? do you think what is the reason behind those beautifully edited videos if they only want to show off? do you think is that the only reason? well they earning from viewers who keeps on subscribing on their channel and watching their videos like in full length. They were being paid when an ads on their video was displayed and clicked by someone. Imagine they have thousands or more subscribers and viewers who watch their videos all around the world 24/7, thus the earning potential is also unlimited.

These videos are mostly game strategies, new games released in the market like demo videos, how to guides for a  certain game title, and anything that will be beneficial for viewers. You want to create a video that can solve someone else problem, as many people you can help, the more chances of your videos getting shared in social media which can become viral in just matter of minutes or hours after you have successfully uploaded it to your channel. That’s also one of the reason why they are willing to do some giveaways like in-game items, and other stuff in exchange of you subscribing to their channel, commenting on their YouTube videos, and sharing.

Now that you know their secret, now it’s time to choose a game that you really like. Find a good screen recorder for mobile or desktop, depending on the game that you want to capture and start editing like a pro and of course be sure to know the basics of monetizing your videos as there are lots of ways you can earn while promoting videos online.