New Heroes in Mobile Legends Every Month

Mobile Legends keeps on improving every day, releasing new features and awesome heroes each month. They have just released their latest hero named Angela which is a support hero that can protect and inflict huge damage to enemies as well. I’ve been playing this game for some quite time now, but I was only able to purchase a few heroes because it is hard to save and earn battle points in the game and there’s no way to get free diamonds so basically you really need to load your account and buy diamonds if you want to unlock new heroes, get skins, and emblems to level them up. Lately I’ve found a way how to get diamonds in mobile legends for free and it worked like a charm.

Now I can easily purchase starlight membership, new heroes like Pharsa, JawHead, Lesley, Angela, Helcurt, Hylos, and Argus without worrying how many games do I need to complete to redeem prizes from hall events, quests, and etc. as those are the only way to get battle points, skin fragments, hero fragments, and random emblems that you can use. If you will not load or find ways to get diamonds in the game, you will end up stuck on what’s available heroes in the free rotation or be contented on 4-6 heroes that you have purchased during the early stage.

I’m sure there will come a time that you will no longer excited to play the game, and that’s the reason that I want to experience the best out of this game before that time comes. You know playing your favorite heroes equipped with your desired skin make you feel special in the game. This game is not really paid to win, but if you just want to unlock all those magnificent heroes then you do really need to get diamonds at all costs, as you can do a lot of things when you have this premium item. Not to mention there is also the new talent system that you can use at your own advantage specially if your emblem level is already max out or higher in terms of level compared to your enemies. Unlock up to 3 special talents, additional buffs to make your hero stronger. You can also choose a dedicated marksman emblem if you are playing these heroes.

Also if you are always looking at the shop you can take advantage of diamonds to purchase double XP and double battle points which will help you progress in the game twice faster than regular or free users. I hope this article helps you realise the importance of diamonds.